Ski For Wounded Warriors 2024

Miami Nautique is a sponsor of this event and has donated items to be raffled off during the tournament to the skiers.

I would like to invite you to ski free in the “Ski for Wounded Warriors 2024” slalom tournament. This is a USAWS sanctioned class C tournament, so your score counts. However, the main purpose of this tournament is to raise awareness and funds to support the heroes that have lost some of their freedom while fighting to defend our freedom. The more buoys you round, the more you help our wounded warriors. Drinks and lunch will be provided for everyone.

Please forward and share this invitation with other skiers that might want to ski for our veterans.

You are only asked to use your text, email, social media, etc… and let people know you are skiing to provide wounded veterans an opportunity to experience water skiing as a recreational and competitive activity like we do. Ask them to pledge an amount they feel comfortable with for the buoy count you achieve, and attach a link to the website so your friends and family can read more. There is a link on the website to AWSW PayPal for them to use after you ski.

After the tournament, let your sponsors know your combined total buoy count so they can go to the website and use the PayPal link, or for “Old School” supporters, mail in a check. Make sure to tell your supporters to tag their donation with your name, because the skier who raises the most for Adaptive Water Ski Warriors will win the tournament rope provided by S-Lines. Visit

We usually ski just for ourselves. Please come on August 24th and ski for a greater cause.

I hope to quickly see you on the registration. Register here.  Skiing officials will be asked to help with officiating.

Kind regards,



You can word your request to your supporters however you wish. The following is only a suggestion.

I am participating in “Ski For Wounded Warriors” on August 24th to raise awareness and funds for Adaptive Water Ski Warriors. Their mission is to provide wounded veterans an opportunity to experience water skiing as a recreational and competitive activity and to show appreciation to the people who have served our country, defended our freedom, and lost some of their freedom in the process.

I am inviting you to join me in this worthy cause by following the link to see what we are trying to achieve. I will let you know my total buoy count after the tournament, and you can go to the donation page if you wish. Any and all support helps. This is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductable.

To elaborate; this is similar to pledging to support a runner for every mile. I hope to get more support by skiing around more buoys.